Adventure For A Bride (Montana Passion : Book 3)

ADVENTURE FOR A BRIDEMy latest release is now available.



When Anna Mae Flynn passes away, leaving three small children and a husband with a harvest to bring in, the only logical answer is to find Wyatt another wife… quick. He fights everyone at first, even himself, but he knows their logic is sound and their hearts are in the right place.
But Millie Carter is nothing like Wyatt’s dear Anna Mae, a fact that his grief causes him to point out at every turn. Can Millie win over a heartbroken man, or will the next train through New Hope take her home?

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Freedom For A Bride (Montana Passion : Book 2)

FREEDOM FOR A BRIDEMy latest release is now available.



When Nathaniel Russell received the wonderful news that the bride he’d written off for would be arriving in New Hope, Montana, it was the happiest he’d felt since arriving to settle his claim. And when the strikingly beautiful but somewhat exotic-looking Katia stepped off the train, his heart leapt at the fulfillment of their months of exchanging letters.
But Katia carries secrets that no one in the town expected, secrets that run deep enough to keep them apart forever.




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A Bargain For A Bride (Montana Passion : Book 1)




When Lady Moira Brennan leaves her home at Brennan Castle for the wilds of her own homestead claim in the Montana territory, she had no idea that a husband awaited her. Sold into marriage by her uncle, she arrives to find a bleak landscape of scarce farmers, all desperately trying to scratch out a living on their claims.
Pryor MacAteer came to Montana himself only three years ago, and his farm has prospered. All that he needs to make it complete is a wife and family, one whose passage he paid, and whose name is on the marriage contract.
Will Moira realize her dream of owning her own land and uncover the truth behind a marriage contract with her name on it?

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Legacy of Love (Carson Hill Ranch: Book 12)

legacy of love - Carson Hill Ranch 12



Kimberly Carson, the oldest of Bernard Carson’s grandchildren, is headed off to Princeton in the fall, much to her family’s dismay. Everywhere she turns, one relative or another is trying to convince her to stay a little closer to home, if she leaves at all.

But a stolen day with her grandfather will reveal more about Kimberly’s family than she ever knew, including the secrets and the love surrounding the woman they have vowed never to speak of: Sarah Carson


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Saved by Love (Carson Hill Ranch: Book 11)

saved byl ove carson hill ranch book 11



When Laney McGrady–popular, beautiful college student and slightly spoiled semi-princess–is forced by her family to join the Carson Hill Ranch’s annual cattle drive instead of spending her summer at the beach with her friends, she plans to make sure everyone is as miserable as she is. That includes Axel Carn, former cowboy and brother to one of Carson Hill’s own ranch hands. But Laney learns to see herself in a whole new light when circumstances spiral out of even her control, forcing her to see herself the way others do. When her little brother gets separated from the group and is alone in the open grassland, it will be up to Laney to grow up a little bit and learn to put others’ first if she ever wants to find him.

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Betrayed by Love (Carson Hill Ranch: Book 10)

betrayed by love by amelia rose

When Rose Blalock agrees to take her long-lost grandfather on a cross-country trip, she never dreamed he’d drag her to his childhood home at Carson Hill Ranch. The former foster child has a family she never knew about, one that lives, works, and loves together in a way that she could never let herself imagine as a child.
Thanks to Mason Carn, her self-appointed tour guide to the ranch, Rose begins to understand the allure of cowboy life despite brushes with danger and conniving con men.
When one of the Carsons goes missing, all eyes turn to Rose and her grandfather, eyes filled with blame. Can she redeem them, and redeem herself in Mason’s eyes? Even harder, can she ever forgive herself and move on?


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Falling For Love (Carson Hill Ranch: Book 9)

Falling For Love

A lost, bedraggled stranger walks up to large animal vet Dr. Joshanne Ryan’s cabin on Carson Hill Ranch in the middle of the night. Romney Jens has been wandering for three days since his car broke down, and Joshanne knew she couldn’t just send him on his way. After his first food and drink in days, the stranger is allowed to spend the night in the barn until someone from the main ranch can come take him to his car.
When Joshanne learns that Romney will just have to sit tight for a few days until help can arrive, what does she do? She puts him to work! With her research into a disease that plagues the herd of Carson Hill on the line, there’s no time for playing games. But the more Joshanne and Romney learn about each other, the more they learn about themselves.
It’s a race against the clock to see if love really does overcome all obstacles, especially when disaster awaits.



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Rescued by Love (Carson Hill Ranch: Book 8)

RESCUED BY LOVEAs the time draws near for the twice-yearly cattle drive, Mr. Carson is feeling his age. He wants to be there when his grand-kids–all nine of them–experience the magic and the history of the drive for the first time. Emma Carson enlists her best friend to come from Houston to help wrangle the kids while their parents wrangle the herd.

But from the moment Dee steps off the bus and comes face to face with a vision from her dark past, trouble begins. Can she and Hawk patch up their differences long enough to save the kids from revenge gone wrong, and is the past ever truly behind them?


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Silver River Romeo Book Tour and Giveaway

Silver River Romeo
by Amelia Rose

About The Book:

Silver River RomeoSilver river romeo

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Publisher:Gold Crown

Release Date: June 7, 2013

Buy: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Ca

Book Description:

Customer Reviews.
I really liked it and highly recommend it if you like a modern day cowboy romance ” Gatorfan

I’m a cowboy from Fort Worth, Texas. This book was a hit with me, so much so that my wife plans to read it next at my recommendation” Z.Armstrong

Cole McKenna has been a rancher at Silver River since he was old enough to walk. He doesn’t mind the scars and bruises, but he’s starting to hate the feeling of being tied down, especially when the neighboring ranch is put up for sale. Raven Branch has always called to him and when a pretty young woman from the city arrives to take over he is determined not to let her ruin his favorite piece of land. Soon he has to wonder though. Is he keeping an eye on the ranch…or the woman?




Marshall probably would have been as impatient with him as the horse was. There was always something to be done on a ranch and Marshall took it all very seriously, but Cole couldn’t help it. Raven Branch had been empty ever since Hank Carson had died last winter. His kids had headed off to the city years ago but even without anyone to help him work the ranch, the man hadn’t let one square inch of the place sell. He knew his kids were selling when he was gone, he’d said as much to Cole a few years ago. He wanted to enjoy it while he could.

Cole sighed. He hated to see the place go. Hank Carson had worked long and hard to keep it up and running smoothly and it was a shame to watch it all go to waste. Even the driveway, which was all he could see from where he sat, looked neglected. Cole realized it was a little depressing to be here this late in the evening, with the sinking sun illuminating all that great land going to seed from lack of someone to work it.

He was turning to ride back home when he saw a big black truck kicking up dust in the Carson’s long drive. There was a big orange U-haul hooked to the truck. It looked like someone had managed to buy the place, after all.

Cole brought the horse to a stop and leaned forward, listening to the leather of Sheriff’s saddle creak but he couldn’t see anything without jumping the fence and riding closer. Although he wasn’t discounting the idea entirely, he’d have to meet the neighbors at some point after all. However, he knew better than to try it today. The sun was already sinking lower than he’d realized and he still had his job to do. He steered the horse back to the western cow pasture to start rounding the animals up.

It wasn’t too hard to do, at least not today, and the job was soon done. He put Sheriff in the barn closest to the house and brushed him down quickly before dumping out some oats for his supper and rubbing his nose. He usually spent a bit more time with the animal after such a long ride, but he was anxious to talk with his brothers about the latest news.



About The Author:

Amelia Rose is a shameless romance addict with no intentions of ever kicking the habit. Growing up she dreamed of entertaining people and taking them on fantastical journeys with her acting abilities, until she came to the realization as a college sophomore that she had none to speak of. Another ten years would pass before she discovered a different means to accomplishing the same dream: writing stories of love and passion. Amelia has always loved romance stories and she tries to tie all the elements she likes about them into her writing.


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